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We provide a number of specialty maintenance items for US Coast Guard military and commercial helicopters and aircraft including:

4R1RT-1 4R Readout for the HH-60J 

Current Price: $525.00

This unit reads the 4 per rev speed of the H-60 rotor speed and is used in connection with the 4R tuning of the vibration absorbers installed in the H-60 aircraft.

Repair of older units is possible.  Often we can reuse some of the parts to save you money.  Call before purchasing or sending in a unit for evaluation.  Evaluation fee $25.00/unit.  If Unit not repairable there is no charge for Evaluation.  Shipping will be charged as normal FEDEX charge to your destination.


CT320 Electronic Sensor Cable Tester

 Current Price $750.00 


Click for CT320 Usage and Instructions This is a .pdf file. 

The CT320 is a cable tester used to check cable integrity.  It can be used with the Helitune Rotortuner to test cables connected to the system.  The tester is powered by the Rotortuner and sends signals down the cables to test integrity of the connections.  Also allows users to check operation of the DMU and other units such as junction box and camera.

OPUT01 OPU Test & Alignment Unit.

Current Price $75.00



This unit is a battery powered unit used to Check alignment and operation of the Optical Pickup Unit (OPU) when installing the OPU on aircraft or helicopter without you having to apply power to the Balancing/test equipment.  This is especially handy for use when balancing C130 props and  HH-65 tail rotors.  


Cables Field Repairable-OPU/Accelerometer/MPU Cables to any length.  (Not shown)

Our cable are made with Mil-Standard solder type connectors and can be repaired by the user.  These are not a throw away items. 

Our prices are very competitive.  Non-the-less, the price of copper is constantly changing and the prices of wire and cable move significantly so we will quote prices based on order size and current market prices.  Call for current pricing.

JBCN235-01 CN235 Syncrophaser Interface box for propellor balancing.  

Current Price: $675.00



315001 OPU Reflective Tape for Tail Rotor Balancing.  (Not shown)

Current Price $30.00

Package 60 strips  3" x 1/2" wide     


RT202020FF Storage and Shipping Container.   

Current Price $200.00

USCG Basic Track and Balance equipment Storage and Shipping Container.   



SWANGATE INTERNATIONAL provides a wide range of brackets that support rotor track and balance and data acquisition of aircraft vibration and track

372002 Monopod, Camera Bracket.  

Current 372002 Price:  $79.00 ea.

The monopod is a 5 section monopod with 1/4-20 threaded screw to to fit the bottom of a tracking Camera.

Cullmann 741 Compact 5-Section Monopod


372003 (Magic Arm) Adjustable Line Scan Camera Bracket. 

Current price $250.00

The Magic Arm consists of two items, the Clamp shown on the right below and the adjustable arm displayed on the left.





Bracket Part No. 5242-5242, Tri-axial Accelerometer Bracket (Al)

Current 5242-5242 Price:  $112.00 ea.

Tri-axial Accelerometer Bracket (Aluminum). Threaded for 1/4-28 for standard accelerometer mounting threads.  

Bracket Part No. 5600BX-A, HH60J Tail Rotor OPU Balanace

Current 5600BX-A Price: $208.00 ea.

HH60J Tail Rotor OPU bracket for tail rotor balance.  

Bracket Part No. 5600BX-B, HH65 Tail Rotor Balance

Current 5600BX-B Price: $130.00 ea.

HH65 Tail rotor balancing bracket. The bracket mounts both OPU and accelerometer for balancing operations.  

Bracket Part No. CL-21SHS, Big Block Foot

Current CL-21SHS Price:  $8.00 each.

This part is the foot that tightens the "Big Block" onto the frame of the aircraft.  "Big Block" is typically used for Damper checks in the HH60J helicopter.  



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