Rotor Tower Systems Development and Consulting.  With over 20 year of active participation in helicopter rotor blade tower programs and systems SWANGATE INTERNATIONAL is in the unique position to assist clients to develop, upgrade, and plan for the future.  We developed  hardware systems for whirltowers that were high performing and easy to maintain and repair.  The whole idea of maintainece and repair is very important in the development of a system as down time is very expensive and it is important to repair and maintain in the shortest possible time.  It is therefore important that clients be able to trouble shoot at the lowest level possible and not having to rely for the arrival of outside personnel to effect system equipment return to service.  We provide as an example below asystem that was developed by SWANGATE INTERNATIONAL forthe purpose of tracking and balancing blades using a variety ofoff the shelf devices  to allow rapid fault or failure corrections.

The reliability was one fault in 1.5 years.

PLEASE NOTE THAT WE NO LONGER PROVIDE COMPLETE HARDWARE SYSTEMS. We are able to assist in the developemnt of systems for inhouse use byour clients.


WT-BladeMaster was developed to provides rotor towers, helicopter rotor blade whirl stands, with up to date and technically advanced blade tracking system available for do a demanding and highly accurate quality assurance dynamic testing of helicopter in the world today. 

The WT-BladeMaster System 6 was  a highly versatile productive tool for use in helicopter rotor blade manufacturing and repair testing facilities (rotor tower or whirl stand).  The WT-BladeMaster dynamically tracks helicopter rotor blades to an accuracy of plus or minus 1/8 inch or better.  

The  WT-BladeMaster system primary purpose is to provide precision blade track data to helicopter rotor blade production, rework, and test organizations. 

The primary blade tracking device is an infrared line scan camera (LSC), and the primary control device is a digital computer.

A.  Control Room Subsystem.  Below is an example of a working Whirl Tower Control Panel.  The left side of  the panel is  provides for data collection,  analysis, and visual monitoring of dynamic tower operation.  A view of the tracking screen is  shown to the left of the picture of the control panel.

B.  Tower Subsystem - The Tower Subsystem elements place the cameras in position to collect track data, provide environmental protection for the tracking camera, decode and distribute control signals to the support sub elements, and interface to the long  cables.



Long Run Cables - The long run cables simply transfer the electrical signals between junction boxes serving the Control Room and Tower Subsystems.

The Backplane Subsystem - The backplane subsystem provides a basic background for the line scan camera to vie rotor blade in both day and night time operations. 



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