What is RotorSaf?  RotorSaf is a process that uses rotor blade tracking to discover rotor system and blade problems.  Because it uses track data the process is non-invasive and does not require any additional hardware. RotorSaf integrates with your normal RTB/VA program and HUMS.


How is RotorSaf used? RotorSaf is used when you track -your rotor blades.  Track the blades at flat pitch on the ground and at hover out of ground effect and your done.    That is all the data that are required.  You don't leave the field and you don't burn a lot of fuel unnecessarily.   


SWANGATE has significant experience in helicopter Rotor Track and Balance and Vibration Analysis (RTB/VA),  Health and Usage Monitoring Systems (HUMS) and rotor blade production and blade rework rotor tower dynamic blade balancing.  SWANGATE developed an FAA approved field dynamic balancing of blades on aircraft.  In addition, SWANGATE  developed a dynamic tracking system for rotor towers and aircraft that allows for the collection of the data needed to implement RotorSaf.  That system is currently in field use.


Our collective experience gave insights into improving the RTB process and improving the safety of flight for the helicopter community. For years we have known that there is more information in helicopter track data held fault information beyond that typically used in simple tracking.  SWANGATE was right, RotorSaf has taken 5 years of research and development using real world data.  To test the thesis and perfect the process.


RotorSaf is based in part on SWANGATE's United States Patent.


To get the most information from your system ideally we would use revolution to revolution data, but we can use track data to assist you in improving track and balance and reduce rotor system vibration.


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