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SWANGATE INTERNATIONAL has deep roots in the support of aviation programs. We may be contacted at:


322 Peaceful Harbor Lane

Hague, VA  22469

804 472-3677  Fax: 804 472-2805

Email:  sales@swangate.com


Aircraft Support Programs - SWANGATE INTERNATIONAL  supports both military and commercial aircraft programs in providing unique and standard product for the maintenance of helicopters and aircraft. 


Helicopter Rotor Tower Programs - With over 23 years experience SWANGATE INTERNATIONAL provides rotor tower systems to commercial and military organizations worldwide and has developed programs for on aircraft chord wise blade balancing.  This link will take you to our web page describing some of our product offerings.  To discuss your needs and requirements please contact us directly. 


RotorSaf -  RotorSaf is based on a patented process that is designed to use rotor track data to discover rotor system problems and to provide faster and less expensive way to get you blade systems back to health quickly with significant saving.  With over 28 years in Rotor Track & Balance, Dynamic Blade Balance, and Rotor Tower Blade Balance experience SWANGATE including the development of unique tools and techniques to solve your problems. 


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