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Over the years we have been interested in the possibility of using Rotor Track and Balance (RTB) data for determining maintenance and fault finding with the rotor and blades of vertical flight machines.  At one point we were able to collect a significant amount of revolution to revolution data.  We began experimenting with the data to find fault information imbedded.  What we found was significant amount of information that and lead us to develop a methodology for identifying imbedded fault information.  We dubbed the proess RotorSaf.

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(for USCG, US Army helicopters)


We came to the instrumentation business from the field of aviation and solving vibration and rotorblade issues by developing some very unique products for the Vertical Lift/Helicopter area of Aviation.  Click on Aviation Systems above to view some of the products.

.Whirtower/Rotortower Systems Consulting

  Rotor Tower Systems Consulting.  With over 25 year of active participation in helicopter rotor blade tower programs and systems SWANGATE INTERNATIONAL is in the unique position to assist clients to develop, upgrade, and plan for the future.

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  My Northern Neck, takes you on a little trip to Hague, Virginia.  We hope you will take a minute to visit our little corner of the world.


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